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ASE 2019
Sun 10 - Fri 15 November 2019 San Diego, California, United States

Workshops at ASE provide an opportunity for exchanging views, advancing ideas, and discussing preliminary results on topics related to Automated Software Engineering. Workshops can also serve as platforms to nurture new scientific communities. Workshops should not be seen as an alternative forum for presenting full research papers.

Workshop Names Submission Deadline Website
2nd International Workshop on Advances in Mobile App Analysis (A-Mobile) Aug 7
1st International Workshop on Explainable Software (EXPLAIN) July 15 (Extended to July 29)
Java Pathfinder Workshop 2019 (JPF) July 29
Towards a Normalized Java Resource (NJR) Aug 23
2nd International Workshop on Software Security from Design to Deployment (SEAD) July 15 (Extended to July 31)
1st International Workshop on Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI) July 15
1st International Workshop on Software Engineering for Infrastructure and Configuration Code (SEConfig) July 15 (Extended to July 30)

Call for Workshop Proposals

ASE 2019 is soliciting proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the main conference. The workshops will be co-located with the conference and take place on Monday November 11, 2019 or Friday November 15, 2019. The organizers will decide the exact day after the proposals have been reviewed and accepted. Only one-day workshops can be accepted.

Workshop registration will be waived for one keynote speaker per workshop.

Proposals for organizing workshops should be written in English, limited to 4 pages (in IEEE format, following the formatting guidelines for the main track), and submitted on EasyChair.

All submissions must not exceed four pages in PDF format and conform, at time of submission, to the IEEE Conference Proceedings Formatting Guidelines (title in 24pt font and full text in 10pt type, LaTeX users must use \documentclass[10pt,conference]{IEEEtran} without including the compsoc or compsocconf option). Submissions should be made through the EasyChair submission site: .

Workshop proposals should include the following information:

  • Theme and goals of the workshop including its relevance to the field of Automated Software Engineering.
  • Targeted audience and the expected number of participants (minimum and maximum).
  • Workshop format (e.g., paper presentations, breakout sessions, panel-like discussions, combination of formats).
  • The equipment, room capacity, and any other resource necessary for the organization of the workshop.
  • Publicity strategy, participant solicitation and selection process that will be used by the workshop organizers to promote the workshop.
  • Brief description of the organizer’s background, including relevant past experience on organizing workshops and contact information.
  • Initial version of the call for papers that the workshop organizers intend to use (max. 1page)
  • Workshop duration and any other scheduling constraints.

Note that the workshop co-chairs will consider the scheduling constraints specified by the organizers, but the acceptance of a workshop proposal does not guarantee adherence to the requested date/time. The workshop co-chairs will assume that workshop proposers will be able to run a workshop on the dates that ASE 2019 has reserved for workshops.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the ASE 2019 workshop co-chairs. Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the workshop’s potential for generating useful results, the timeliness and expected interest in the topic, the organizer’s ability to lead a successful workshop and the potential for attracting a sufficient number of participants. Accepted workshops must adhere to the common deadlines that will be listed for submissions of papers, acceptance of papers and preparation of proceedings.


  • Proposal: March 18, 2019
  • Notification of acceptance: April 1, 2019

The following are the suggested dates for accepted workshop deadlines:

  • Workshop paper deadline: July 15, 2019
  • Workshop paper notification: Aug 12, 2019
  • Workshop paper CRC: Sept 16, 2019 (strict)